Who am I?

In late 2018, I went on a three week trip to Europe to visit a close friend and travel with them. At this time, all I had was the camera on my phone (LG V40), no interchangeable lens camera system. During this time I practiced how to compose and take images with manual settings. What resulted were images that far exceeded my expectations. My friends and acquaintances were surprised when I showed them these images. They said, “You took that on a phone!?” and at that moment I knew there’s a skill I haven’t tapped into yet. About a month after this trip, I decided to invest in a camera (specifically a Fujifilm X-series camera). From there, I put in a ton of time shooting images and editing them promptly. My passion for photography was growing, and I knew I made the right decision. After about a year of practicing, I started taking images of my other passion, cars. Fast forward to today, I’m now a car photographer from Houston, Texas. What was once an untapped skill quickly became a passion and a profession. I’m forever grateful to have chosen this path.

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